Tour de Satpura : As the Bicycle Mayor

If this tour has to be described in a simple way : First day we started from Ramakona village and after 90+ kms of cycling we were at the entrance of Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve which comprises of Satpura National park and adjoining Bori and Pachmarhi wildlife sanctuaries, combinely designated as biosphere reserve by  UNESCO in 2009. Second day... Continue Reading →


Tour de Satpura : Experienced the Magic of Monsoon with beautiful Tan lines

Well yes, I have to mention the tan-lines in the tagline only because this was the first long distance cycling tour for me( earlier I have done longer duration mountain biking tour in Himalayas)  and I wasn’t expecting the tan lines in Monsoon so didn’t go prepared but I think for next 2 months till these... Continue Reading →

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